Work "Harv" To Make It Happen.


Hi, I'm Allison. I used to play collegiate lacrosse. It was a great platform. But now, I use digital platforms to market greatness.


“Allison is really great to work with. She is passionate about the projects she’s on and it really shows in everything she does. I love Allison’s go-to attitude and her drive to make things happen. She’s creative and strategy-minded with a knack for helping people turn their ideas into reality. You want her on your team!”
- Stephanie Willis
Director of Marketing, Wildcat Wearhouse


The media has described me as the "coma survivor" or the "lacrosse player" -- but at my core, I am a lover of the outdoors, travel, lacrosse, the Lord, and all things coffee.

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What I Do

 Social Media Management, Content Marketing, SEO/SEM, Digital Strategy, Brand Management and more. When it comes to marketing strategy, I do it all.

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“Allison is deeply passionate and compassionate about her areas of interest. She has a canny ability to see things that others don’t see, especially personally in her relationship management, and professionally, in the creative arts. She is such a caring person who deeply desires for one’s optimal well-being, particularly for those she cares about.”
- Conrad Davies
Faculty Lecturer at UK’s College of Communications, Mentor

Where there's more

In April of 2016, UK's Student News ran a feature on me, an article I wrote was featured as the cover story of Angelic Magazine's July/August issue and in April of 2016 and I write business blogs on LinkedIn. 

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As someone who is highly motivated by feedback, I would love to know you stopped by. 

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