“Allison is deeply passionate and compassionate about her areas of interest. She has a canny ability to see things that others don’t see, especially personally in her relationship management, and professionally, in the creative arts. She is such a caring person who deeply desires for one’s optimal well-being, particularly for those she cares about.”
- Conrad Davies
Faculty Lecturer at UK’s College of Communications, Mentor

When I'm not developing Managing SOCIAL CAMPAIGNS, RUNNING Facebook ads, or running analytics, you'll find me doing even more amazing things...

  • For starters (pun intended), I played Goalie for the UK's Women's Lacrosse team. Now, I coach lacrosse at a Woodford County High School.
  • I love going on mission trips! I've traveled with various Christian organizations to:
    • Israel
    • Honduras
    • Dominican Republic
    • New Orleans (2x)
    • Owensboro, KY (2x)
    • Appalachia
    • Puerto Rico
  • In 2013, I survived a 10-day coma from complications due to e. Coli. Last year, UK's student news network did a story on me. Just a few months later, I was featured on the cover of Angelic magazine!
  • Hobbies and interests include:




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